Scope of work


Welding Services and Pipework Fabrication.

Specialise in the manufacture and installation of mechanical and welded fabrication and pipe work assemblies including Gas, Hot & Cold water, Steam, hydraulic and compressed air.

Melia Brothers Limited offer a wide range of Welding, Industrial Services and Pipework Fabrication as well as engineering services to assist all businesses regardless of their size.

Outlined below, is a scope of some of the works that we carry out, although this list is not exhaustive so if you have a requirement that is not covered below, get in touch with us and we will look into it.

Pipework Fabrication

Melia Brothers Limited offer many pipework fabrications services to industry and carry out fabrication and welding work to pipes (in all materials) servicing Water, Gas (including Boosted Gasworks up to 16 bar), Air, Oil as well as Process pipework.

Welding Services

We can repair existing installations, as well as lay down new pipework, with each new installation fabricated to your exact requirements. We can also help if you have requirements for Plastic Fusion pipework for Water and Gas installations.

As specialists in the food industry, we can also cater to your requirements for Chilled pipework, Air Blast Coolers and Adiabatic Coolers.

Steelwork Fabrication

Should your requirement be for general steelwork fabrication, there are many areas where we can assist you. We can fabricate Access Stairways and Mezzanine platforms to your exact requirements and can project manage all stages from initial design to the full installation and testing.

Steelwork Fabrications

With specialties in the fabrication of Stainless Steel, as well as Mild Steel tanks, we can assist you at all stages of your order from initial consultation to installation and maintenance. As well as bespoke fabrication, Melia Brothers Limited also handles all aspects of maintenance and repair to existing structures should an emergency arise.

We can offer an emergency call out service should dire situations occur that requires immediate attention to make safe as well as a full suite of Welding, Industrial Services and Pipework Fabrications.

Plant Room Installations & Relocations

Should your business have the need to relocate plant from one location to another, we aim to assist you in the whole process to make it as quick and efficient as possible causing as minimal disruption as is possible to the operational effectiveness of your business.

Plant Room Installations and relocations

Whether you are moving plant from one part of a building to another, or to totally new premises, or whether you have purchased plant that needs to be bought in and commissioned, we aim to assist in a timely and professional manner, ensuring that the whole process goes as smooth as possible. We will project manage the whole process for you from start to finish.

Just some examples of projects that we can and have done include plant relocation of Gas Boilers and meters, Vessels, Conveyors, Tanks, Blast Air Coolers, as well as many other types of machinery.

Welding Repairs

Melia Brothers Limited carry out general welding repairs to all types of machinery and equipment, whether they be Machine Parts, Heating Systems, Wet Systems, Radiant Systems, in fact, anything that needs repair by being welded.

Welding Repairs

We offer coded welding services, and our professional and friendly staff will always do their utmost to fulfil your requirements to exacting specifications.

General Maintenance and Industrial Services

Regarding Welding, Industrial Services and Pipework Fabrication, Melia Brothers Limited can assist in attending to breakdowns of plant, as well as offering regular servicing facilities should you decide to take the proactive approach to breakdowns.

Should the unexpected happen at the most inopportune time (as is normally the way), we offer an emergency call out service that will hopefully minimise the downtime suffered due to a failure. Leaky pipes are not only environmentally unfriendly but can also cost a business heavily financially. We can carry out environmental assessments on your pipework installations to ensure that there are no leaks or losses due to poor quality or failing installations.

We can also carry out energy usage / waste assessments to advise on where money is being lost due to energy wastage and advise on and administer remedial actions as required.

Welding, Industrial Services and Pipework Fabrication